About eSobi v2.5
Create to assist users in collecting precise and proficient information on the internet.

4 powerful yet user-friendly Internet information management tools, which go well with business, educational, and of course everyday use.


Read and receive updated news from your favorite websites, blogs or even eSobi Resource Center instantly.


Enrich and enjoy your life with Internet broadcast; advance your media entertainment experience to a whole new level.

Perform info-hunting and result refinement for you and ease yourself from Internet information overload.


Offer a centralized location to save, annotate and manage your findings, and share them with others.

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What others say...

I am a CEO and my company is for integration of environmental protection. I used eSobi to find professional and personal informations that I need. Eric Louves, CEO, UK
For my work as a writer of science educational materials, I have to keep current on breaking science news. eSobi helps me follow what would normally be an unwieldy, impossible to grok number of online science news resources each week. With eSobi, I'm able to scan my subscriptions, save articles that I'll need to the Library, and quickly assemble up-to-date sets of news resources on the topics I'm writing about each week. Of course, eSobi also helps me follow other news I'm interested in, as well as... well, humor and comics. Work isn't everything. Andrew Amster, science writer, USA
Ik gebruik esobi dagelijks, vooral de nieuwtjes over soft en hardware zijn bijzonder prikkelend voor een pc-technieker. Het is vooral geweldig omdat, als we iets willen willen zoeken op het internet we niet een aparte browser moeten openen, neen, want Esobi is alles in een. Esobi is gewoon handige vis in mijn electronische aquarium. En, als ik iemand een goeie raad zou mogen geven...dan zou ik zeggen...haal die vis in huis en geniet ervan. Roberto Carcangiu, PC Technician, Belgium
I have used eSobi everyday now for more than a year as my primary aggregator. As a researcher I find it invaluable for its reliability, format and connectivity. It has been totally trouble-free and the source of more than 70 percent of my new business. Kris Passey, Passy Cassini & Associates Geographic Research, USA

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