About Dailyaha
Dailyaha is a smart and friendly news reader that allows you to follow your favorite news, videos, magazines, and blogs.

Browse through extensive content catalog to create a fully personalized news reading experience in a magazine layout.


A fully personalized news reading experience with Direct X 3D page flipping effect.


An extensive list of over 9000 news sources from global regions and SNS management.


Watch localized YouTube video in full-screen with its basic video-playing functions.


More choices in font style and text size to fit your reading need and to reduce eye strain.

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What others say...

A fun and intuitive application for systems running Windows 8.1, offering you a news reading experience with 3D page flipping effects

March 7th, 2014 by Marina Dan (Editor from Softpedia)

Really good quality news app

  • Easy to use for all consumers.
  • Satisfied with preloaded content.
  • Nice picture quality.
  • Unlike other apps with loads of colors, this app is quite comfy to look at.

Cons I'm happy with it since it's free to use, but it would be nice if I can add my Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter in here too. March 12th, 2014 by rainbow_girl

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